Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to Pick Out a Watch for Men

Picking out the perfect watch may be a troublesome endeavor for many. Be it picking out wind up pocket watches for men or wind up wrist watches for men, it is important to know how to find the best watch to fit one’s needs and wants. 

For stylish men, it is most likely that they have already thought about buying (or may already have) a good timepiece or two. However, not many know what watch they should get for certain occasions. This article will help you pick out watches that you should own.

black dial wind up watch for men
     Watch for every day use

This watch should be sensible, polished, and professional-looking. This can often be worn along with a two-piece suit. Your budget should be around $500. The watch that one should choose should be one that does more than simply tell the time. Buyers can still choose between leather and metal bands, though metal is generally more durable. Though many are tempted by a digital watch, it may not be appealing to other people, especially for clients that they are talking to. Better stick to fine mechanical wind-upwatches for men or other styles.

Stylish wind up wrist watch for men
 Watch for the weekend
    This watch is for utilitarian and rugged use. It should also be durable. It should go well with your loafers and jeans, or any other casual dress. Quartz watches usually fit here, but mechanical wind-up watches formen work, too, as long as they fit the $100 budget. Choose a watch that has some type of shock resistance, as well as water-resistance. You can choose between aluminum, plastic, or steel watches.

sleek wind up wrist watch for men
   The Third Timepiece

This watch is timeless, distinctive, and sleek. This can be paired with anything, from plain shirts to tuxedos. Your budget should be about $5000. It should have a distinguishing feature that would separate it from other watches. Wind up wrist watches for men fit this category, too, as the craftsmanship will last longer (or even a lifetime). A basic color scheme and design will never go out of style, so stick to the basics for this timepiece. Do not go with trends like oversized dials and bezels on the watch.

unique wind up watch for men
The Fourth Timepiece

This is the most extravagant and unusual out of the 4 types. This should go well with a three-piece suit. Most watches in this category are the ones that are made from titanium, rose gold, and platinum. Sophistication is the key. These watches are also the ones that have big price tags, so be keen when you are choosing such a watch. When you buy a fourth watch, do not settle for one that looks just like any other timepiece. Check for the ones that have a unique design coming from watchmakers or brands that are serious.

These 4 timepieces are essential for any stylish man. Many say that buying a watch is an investment, so it is best to choose the ones that will last longer, like mechanical wind-up watches for men. This guide can help you pick out watches that you could use and match, depending on the occasion. 

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